Daddy and his Babygirl

The very second my gaze caught his, we both felt this never experienced before kind of passion. A desire so strong, you can literally feel the pull from it. When we are together, there’s an instant and overflowing eruption of the rawest emotion and feeling. It’s a beautiful kind of chaos. Both of us swept up from the unbelievably exciting, incredibly stimulating, most erotic, perfect storm of heightened sexuality. My Daddy and his Babygirl, experiment, experience, and enjoy every single moment of our sexually charged, sex filled journey.

Daddy (very Dominant) is the only man alive that can create in me a ravenous, never-ending hunger to be fucked as often as humanly possible, in every single way dirty little minds can imagine. He awoke in me a sexual beast with an unquenchable thirst. I can’t (and will never) get enough of my Daddy. He uses his large, beautiful, 11-inch black cock to create the most epic, mind blowing sexual experiences, easily turning fantasy into reality.



This Babygirl (a submissive) will do whatever her Daddy requires of her, needs from her, and/or wants her to do. I fully submit to my Daddy. NOTHING happens, sexually or otherwise, without my Daddy’s say and/or approval. If Daddy wants me bare assed and bent over his knee so that he can spank my fat ass, then I am, without hesitation, shredding every stitch of my clothing. I bring my Daddy his paddle, and I assume the position. GETS ME SO HOT!!


If my Daddy wants me bound, immobilized, and vulnerable to his every whim, then I quickly strip naked and bring my Daddy the binds. I allow my Daddy to bind me in whatever position he sees fit. My Daddy makes me his toy to play with, to tease, to suck, to fuck and to do it all over again as often and for however long as he deems necessary. My pussy moistens and my breath quickens as I think about the pleasures in store for me. My Daddy can lick my pussy until I cum and he can keep licking my pussy, without my interference, through the ticklish phase, all the way to the “OMG multiple orgasms” phase. My Daddy can bind me, in a deep penetrating position, and thrust his huge rock-hard cock in me as hard and as deep as he wants. When I am bound, I am at my Daddy’s mercy. SO FUCKING HOT!!


Again, I fully submit, 100%, to my Daddy. I am his Babygirl, his alone. However, if my Daddy wants to watch me fuck another (man or woman-his choice), there is no hesitation, my face is deep in a cunt and/or I am getting fucked silly, in the pussy and/or ass, by the cock my Daddy so chooses to fuck me with (again, my Daddy’s choice). During it all, regardless, as I am getting fucked, I will hold my Daddy’s intense stare. I love it when I watch my Daddy watch me get fucked. SO VERY FUCKING EROTIC!! My pussy is getting so hot just thinking about it. So fucking wet!



My Daddy, he’s “the Daddy”. All others who bear the name pale in comparison, not one man on this earth is a match to my Daddy’s level of skill/experience, and there’s not one cock on this earth that can compare to my Daddy’s very large, and very beautiful black cock. My Daddy stands alone. He is a gentle man by nature but in the bedroom he morphs into an aggressive, sexual-savage, making it his own personal conquest to conquer me with his cock. Yeah, my Daddy’s gentle as he slowly slides his cock in my ass. He’s gentle as he makes a trail of well place kisses from neck to breast. But for the most part, my Daddy is just the way I like him, aggressive… fucking me hard, in the ass, and making me scream for more.




Then, there are those “other times” that my Daddy is a hopeless romantic, wining and dining me with a beautiful candlelit meal he prepared himself. From the start of our meal, my Daddy slowly and methodically begins his seduction. He plays our favorite slow jams. Our bodies grind together as we dance, sensuous, seductive…HOT! My Daddy softly kisses my exposed neck as we grind, making his way to my lips. We kiss long and deep; his hands travel the curves of my body. He lays me down gently. My Daddy takes his time. He makes love to me nice and slow. In that moment, we become one. I feel my Daddy’s body pressed against mine. He feels my nails dig into his back. We are both so deep in the moment nothing but the two of us exist. Our passion burning so incredibly hot it threatens to set us both ablaze. His long, deep, powerful thrusts rock my body. We make love till we both collapse. I am in love. I am so in love! No matter how my Daddy wants it, when my Daddy wants it, or where my Daddy wants to do it…I will happily oblige and do whatever it is my Daddy requires of me. I will always give my Daddy his Babygirl whenever, wherever, and however he wants her, with NO HESITATION, no questions asked. And my Daddy…well, my Daddy gives his Babygirl what no man ever could!



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