Shower for Babygirl

I go upstairs to take my shower. I am wearing my peach, satin robe, nothing underneath. I walk in the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I untie the belt of my robe. My robe falls open. Slipping my robe off, I lay it a top the bathroom sink. I turn and start the water for my shower, it takes a minute to heat up.

There I stand, naked in front of the bathroom mirror. I reach up with my right hand and start caressing the fully erect nipple of my right breast, my left hand travels down my stomach to my inner thigh. I caress my inner things, but do not yet touch my pussy. I tease myself for a minute.

Placing my right foot on the closed lid of the toilet, I hike my leg up just enough for me to see my slightly spread pussy. My clit is so hard it protrudes from my pussy lips. I am so fucking horny. The all day talk about my Daddy and his cock and what I would like to do with my Daddy and his cock have brought me to the point of masturbation.

With my left hand I spread my cunt a little wider, with my right hand I start gently rubbing my clit. Hmmmm…it feels good. With my middle and ring finger I rub right between my labia, my fingers teasing the hole of my cunt. My breath catches. My pussy is now wet. So wet!

I stop, momentarily, to step in the now steaming hot shower. I grab the soap, I lather up my large breasts, my stomach, my pussy, my thighs. My hands move over the curve of my hips to my fat and juicy ass. I take my time as I lather my ass up with soap. My breath catches as my fingers glide over my asshole. Wish I had your cock in my ass Daddy. Wish you were here to fuck me hard.

I grab my razor as I sit on the side of the bathtub and spread my legs wide. I shave my pussy/ass. I like it when my pussy/ass is nice and smooth when I masturbate. As the blade gently shaves the inside of my pussy lips, it glides past my rock-hard clit. Shaving is so fucking erotic. My mind drifts, as I shave near my asshole, back to thinking about you and your cock my Daddy. Want you in my ass so bad. I am so mother fucking horny.

I stand. My pussy and ass now smooth. I hike my left leg up on the side of the bathtub. I can no longer take it. My right hand furiously rubs my clit as my two fingers from my left hand slip in my ass. Oh yeah…I AM CUMMING DADDY. I am cumming wishing your cock was deep in my ass!!! Oh fucking yeah!

Dedicated to my DaDDy