Something Big

I put on my sexiest, low-cut, form-fitting,“little black dress” the open-back of the dress takes it to a whole new level of sexy with crisscross straps crossing my bare back. I slip my feet into a pair of black, Saint Laurent patent leather pumps. I wear my long, dark brown hair up in what is referred to as a flirty, flawless fishtail, up-do. Adorning each ear is a 1 kt diamond stud earring. Draped around my neck is a small 18” platinum chain that has 1/2 kt heart-shaped diamond pendant hanging from it.


I step out of my room, heading for the full-length mirror at the end of the hall. I hear my younger sister blurt out from the kitchen, “Wow, sis. You look breathtaking.” I smile as I say, “Thank you.” Only halfway believing her. She’s my sister, she loves me. She wouldn’t tell me I looked bad even if I did. I flip on the hall light as I approach the mirror. I watch my thigh muscles flex with each step. Okay…this time, I am going to have to agree with my little sis, I look stunningly beautiful. All heads will turn tonight. I actually kind of hate it when “all” heads turn. I’m not much for being the center of attention. Well…NOT TONIGHT!! I am going to let the night take me wear it may. Tonight, it’s about me. Tonight, I am going to have some fun! Hell, I may even get laid out of the deal (little did I know, that would be an understatement).

The club I am headed to, on this beautiful summer’s eve, is an upscale Jazz/Blues club that is located in downtown’s central west end. This club, hands down has the best music in town, along with the most amazing, most romantic ambiance that is rarely ever found at a club, it’s almost magical.


For some strange reason, I can’t shake this uncanny feeling that ‘something big’ is going to happen tonight. I can feel it in the air. My Spidey senses are tingling.

Arriving at the club, I pull on the lot driving a vintage, candy apple red 1969 Corvette. Yes, she’s sexy too! The lot is crowded, but not packed. I park more toward the back of the lot. Opening my car door, I swing my legs out one at a time then stand, shutting and locking the door of my “Little Red Corvette” behind me.

My gait is sexy as I saunter toward the club’s entrance. I begin to get that ‘usually unwanted’ attention I typically dread. As I scan the lot, it seems like almost every man I see already has his lust hungry eyes on me. I hasten my steps, closing the gap between me and that entrance a little quicker.

The large, smoky glass door of the club swings open, a man stands aside, holding the door as I make my way into the club. The ambiance of this club never disappoints. It’s dark, but not too dark. The mood is set by the sax playing a sexy tune softly in the background. Candles light every table/booth. Candles light the bar.

I feel heads turning as I walk passed the couples that are sitting at tables. I make my way to the bar so I can order me a cocktail. It’s way passed time for me to start having fun! That when I catch his gaze, hard, penetrating. He catches me off guard a bit, I almost forget where I am and why I’m even walking. The gaze from his dark eyes is so intense. I can’t even seem to pull the gaze of my own eyes away from his. I begin to smile as I slightly bite my lower lip. He holds my eye contact.

As I make my way through the club, I take notice of the man I am totally captivated by. He is very well dressed and neatly manicured. He is tall, with a lean, muscular build. He is an incredibly attractive negro man. He is so good looking. So hot.


I am so taken by him and he is so taken by me. In that moment, no one else seems to exist. His lips curl into a sexy, almost mischievous, grin. I am so drawn to him. Feeling the pull, I walk straight to him, forgetting my cocktail. I stand only a couple feet away. God, he smells so good. He looks my body up and down. His eyes rest for a moment on my cleavage. I turn slightly so to give him a better look at my plump, juicy ass. I want this man. I want this man so fucking bad.

He bends down until his head is right next to mine, his mouth is so close to my ear I feel his warm sweet breath on my skin. He whispers in a low deep whisper, “Hi Babygirl. I’m your Daddy. I will have you this night. Very soon, when the band starts to play, I will fuck you so hard, right here at the bar.” He gently kisses my cheek, right next to the ear he was whispering in and sat back watching me, just to see my reaction. That made me so fucking hot. I have never been more aroused. Just from the words he whispered in my ear, my pussy jumped from moist to dripping wet just that quick.

I am looking my Daddy straight in his eyes. I say to him in a soft and sexy tone, “I eagerly await the feeling of my Daddy’s cock rubbing against the walls of my cunt as he fucks me right here, at the bar.” I turn and lift my skirt just enough, showing my Daddy I’m not wearing panties and giving him a glimpse of my fat ass.

My Daddy grabs my waist. He turns me around. His fingers trace the crisscross straps that cross my back all the way to my ripe, plump ass. The band begins to play. My Daddy is kind of standing, not quite sitting, on the bar stool that is in an area of the bar that is kind of secluded/kind of not secluded. People are sitting near, but not too near. I can’t tell you how hot this is making me! An exhibitionist, me! I am getting so turned on by the very thought. In just moments, I will be getting fucked by my Daddy from behind, in front of the whole fucking bar! Exhibitionist, I like this idea!!


My Daddy, his hands on my waist pulling me to him, backing my ass up to meet his bulging hard cock. I grind my ass to the beat of the music, rubbing it against his cock. Damn he is a good looking mother fucker! That’s when I have to turn and I have to say,  “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me now” I grind a little harder as My Daddy sneaks a few fingers up my skirt. He slides one of his fingers into my pussy, the other finger he slides in my asshole. I let out a sigh as my Daddy slowly fingers both my ass and cunt. A moan escapes my lips. It feels so good, Daddy. It feels so fucking good.

The band, now playing a more upbeat, faster paced kind of song. My Daddy unzips his dress pants and unleashes his 11-inch monster-big, beautiful black cock. My Daddy pulls me even closer. I am in an almost standing, slightly bent over position. My Daddy raises my skirt in the back just enough to partially expose my round, fat ass. I turn my head and hold my Daddy’s eye contact as he slowly slides his monster huge cock into my slippery wet pussy. My Daddy and I peer into others eyes as his cock slides in and out of my cunt. So fucking erotic, being fucked in public and not caring if anyone knows it or not. Exhibition is really fucking hot.

I push my ass back toward my Daddy, hinting I want deeper penetration. My Daddy thrusts his fully erect monster cock as deep as it would go into my hot fucking pussy. I grind my hips, kind of riding my Daddy’s cock that’s fully submerged inside me. Oh yes, Daddy! Right there!! That feels so fucking good!

My Daddy stands, his cock still in my pussy. He bends me over slightly. I prop myself up with my arms on the bar stool in front of me. My Daddy quickens his pace. He fucks my pussy harder and faster. As he fucks my cunt My Daddy slips two fingers in my ass. I am so FUCKING HOT, Daddy!!  Your cock feels so fucking good. I turn again, look you in the eyes, this time I say, “Fuck me in the ass, Daddy.” He smiles with approval as he pulls his massive cock out of my cunt and slowly/gently inserts it into my asshole. My breath quickens. I love getting fucked in the ass, Daddy. He quickens his pace a little more. I feel his huge cock moving in and out of my asshole it feels so fucking good. Yes, Daddy! Yes! Fuck my fucking ass!

I am so fucking wet, juices drip down both of my legs. I push back with my ass as your thrust your cock deeper and deeper into my asshole. “Fuck me harder and faster, Daddy” I say as you fuck my ass harder and faster. OH MY GOD, DADDY!! I’M GOING TO CUM, my pussy explodes, spurting cum down my shapely legs. At the same time, My Daddy starts cumming . He thrusts his monster rock-hard cock deep in my ass with one final thrust he busts a huge, monster load. I turn and look at my Daddy. I can’t help but smile as I think, “Something ‘big’ really did happen tonight.”

From the moment our gazes met, I became his Babygirl and he became my Daddy. I so love my Daddy, and my Daddy, he so loves his Babygirl.


For my Daddy! With love, Babygirl




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