At Daddy’s Mercy

My life changed the night I caught his gaze from across a smoke filled jazz club. I don’t know how or why. There’s no logical explanation for what we both felt/feel. I was/am drawn to him just like he was/is drawn to me. It’s an incredibly powerful magnetic pull that is inevitably bringing us together. A “meant to be” sort of thing. Like the cosmic union of ancient souls reuniting in a Twin Flame kind of thing.


That night, as I approached my Daddy, I felt this unbelievable calm, a comfort I have never known. The closer I got the more comfortable I was. I was totally at ease. The best way I can describe how I felt/feel is…. he felt/feels like “home”, Daddy felt/feels like “home”. It was as if I had known him my whole life. Words between us an almost unnecessary thing. From the moment we became aware of one another, we both just somehow knew/know what the other wants, thinks, needs.

That night, at that jazz club, my Daddy made me his Babygirl. When we finished our little exhibition, we spent the rest of the evening talking. We talked into the early morning hours. The bartender shouts, “Last call.” The club is closing. My Daddy walked me to my car with his arm around my waist. He told me that he would pick me up tomorrow at 10am sharp. “Don’t be late.” My Daddy said sternly, closing the door to my Vette.

From the second I woke this morning, my Daddy had been on my mind, hard even think of anyone/thing else. “I knew “something big” was going to happen last night.” I thought to myself, smiling because it was three “something big(s)” that happened last night: It was the night I met my Daddy,  it was the first night my Daddy fucked me with his beautiful 11-inch monster of a black clock, and it was also the night my Daddy introduced me to a whole new life style-the Dom/sub part (Daddy/babygirl) of Bondage & Discipline, Sadomasochism-BDSM.

It was nothing like I thought it would be. BDSM isn’t just whips and chains or people getting off on pain kind of thing, that’s sadomasochism. My Daddy introduced me to the Dominant/submissive part of BDSM. Certainly not what I expected. No pain, no whips, no chains. Daddy would never inflict pain, it’s just not his thing. He wants his Babygirl to love and adore him, not fear him.


My Daddy went into detail last night giving me the in’s and out’s of a Dom/sub relationships and what to expect. I was so fascinated from the second my Daddy began telling me about it all that I hung on his every word. He informed me of the four pillars of BDSM: trust, communication, respect, honesty. My Daddy said all four must be strictly adhered to in order to have a successful Dom/sub relationship. All I want to do is please him so I wholeheartedly agreed to keep all four sacred.

I was so wrong about so many things when it comes to BDSM and/or Dom/sub(s). Just like 90% of all Americans, I always thought if you were a ‘submissive’ you were made to be so by some kind of slave master or overlord. Another misconception of mine. I learned submissive(s) are not forced into submission by a Dominant or anyone else. To be submissive is a choice. The Dominant(Daddy) asks the submissive(babygirl) to be his submissive. It is up to me to give permission. When my Daddy asked me, almost the moment we met, to be his babygirl. Without hesitation, I fully 100% submitted to my Daddy. I could tell, for some crazy unknown reason, that he is my heart, my soul.  I’m his babygirl. I want nothing more than to please my Daddy.

Our whole Daddy/babygirl relationship is based upon my needs, wants, desire, and curiosity. Therefore, this babygirl defines the flow and boundaries of our relationship. My Daddy, he listens to me so intently. He asks questions, he’s so inquisitive. He helps me to explore myself; mentally, emotionally, and sexually.  My power, his control and protection, desire and love.

Daddy & Babygirl

The way my Daddy orders me to do things. Oh my GOD!! His tone when he reprimands me. SO FUCKING HOT!! The anticipation, the fear, the exposure. I GET WET JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!! When I feel a little rebellious and decide to go against my Daddy’s wishes, I ready myself with anxious anticipation to receive my punishment. My Daddy bends me over his knee, bare assed, and firmly spanks me, a little hard but not too hard. until my ass is nice and red and he feels my lesson has been learned. Don’t know if I would call something that turns me on that much punishment, more like EROTIC! For some odd reason unbeknownst to me, spankings turn me on beyond belief. By the time my Daddy is done, I am so fucking hot that my cunt is literally dripping it’s so wet. Now… I fantasize about my Daddy spanking my naked ass with one hand, fingering my pussy with the other. Yeah, spank my ass, Daddy!! I think to myself as I envision my Daddy spanking my round, plump, red ass. SO FUCKING HOT!!!


My Daddy brings me to a whole new level of awareness (i.e., self, sensuality, and sexual) . No one, in all my ‘vanilla’ relationships prior, has ever come close to the way I feel when my Daddy is making love to me or fucking me hard. Me and my Daddy we connect on a more cerebral level. My Daddy makes me feel in more ways than I ever have, or thought I could. No doubt something special is happening.

Not one minute late or early. My Daddy was at the entrance to my high-rise apartment building, ready to pick me up 10am sharp. “Punctual is a good thing.” I think to myself as I make my approach.  My Daddy’s lips begin to curl into a smile. The closer I get to my Daddy, I can’t help but notice he can’t take his eyes off me (just like I can’t take my eyes off him). My Daddy has the most beautiful brown eyes. I could spend an eternity lost in  his beautiful brown eyes. Just for him…just for my Daddy, I am looking above par…kinda on the hot side. I am wearing a turquoise and gold Coco Devore Midi Dress with my gold Christian Louboutin mules. And, of course, NO PANTIES, NEVER PANTIES. Oh Daddy…the things we are going to do to one another I feel the warmth between my legs increase slightly.  I want you in me so bad, Daddy. The way you fucked me was over the top amazing. My Daddy’s knowledge of how to please a woman, his skill with that large cock, and his overall dominance is unparalleled by any man I have ever known. My Daddy, a true Daddy, standing above the rest.

I am standing in front of my Daddy. His eyes travel my entire body, from my feet, up my curves until he is looking me in the eyes. My Daddy holds my eye contact with that intense stare that drew me to him the night I met him. Holding out his hand, he helps me into the car and closes the door behind me. A complete gentleman, My Daddy.

Tonight, I want my Daddy to blindfold me and then bind me (hands and feet) to his bed. I want him to stimulate and heighten my senses as he teases and plays with my pussy/ass, no interference. My nipples harden at the thought. My pussy begins with that dull ache, longing to be touched, played with, fucked.

The front seat of my Daddy’s plum crazy, vintage 1969 Dodge Challenger is huge. So, I turn to my side. Hiking my left leg up onto the car seat, I spread my legs just enough. My Daddy is quickly in the driver’s seat and we are rapidly on our way.

I hike my dress up just enough my Daddy gets a real nice look at my cleanly shaved pussy. He reaches over and starts fingering my pussy with the first three fingers of his right hand as he drives with the other. Oh yeah, Daddy, feels good, getting wet Daddy. Your fingers glide in and out of my pussy…I moan softly with pleasure.


We pull up to my Daddy’s place, his hand deep in my pussy. He slowly pulls his fingers out of my cunt, lifts his hand to show me how glistening wet his fingers are. His fingers glisten in the morning light, my pussy is so wet. “Clean it up, babygirl. Lick it clean.”, my Daddy orders, raising his fingers to my lips. Like a good babygirl, I obey. “My pussy really does taste sweet.” I think to myself as I lick each finger clean. I finish, licking then sucking his finger(s)…Oh yeah, Daddy…I want to suck that huge cock of yours. Throat fuck me, Daddy. I want your cock.

My Daddy springs from his side of the car to mine, quickly opening my door. We rush inside, anticipation of tonight’s events, and overall lust for one another causing our excitement to reach a fever pitch. Butterflies…. I have butterflies?! Never has anyone tied me to a bed before. Never been blindfolded either…. a whole new experience.

My Daddy unlocks the door. I step in, with his lean muscular body my Daddy pushes me up against the wall of his foyer. He grabs both of my wrists with one large hand, pinning  my arms above my head. His lips meet mine in a deep, passionate kiss. His free hand travels the curve of my hip, making his way to my breasts as his tongue dances with mine. Passion burns so hot. My Daddy lifts my dress in the back, exposing my fat ready to be fucked ass. He slides his fingers into my pussy from behind. I sigh with pleasure…Yeah Daddy, so wet. My Daddy leans in close, using the same low and sexy tone he used the night we met, my Daddy whispers in my ear, “Your hot little pussy is now mine. I will take good care. You will never worry. All you have to do is be a good babygirl” A mischievous smile spreads quickly across my face, I look Daddy in eye and say, “I will Daddy. I will be a good girl…until I’m not.” Knowing full well that disobeying means punishment, spanking…love to be spanked…pussy gets so hot.

Before I know it,  my Daddy He swoops me up into his arms with ease. He carries me, like ‘his babygirl’ through the Den, down the hall and to his room. My Daddy’s ready to tie me down and blindfold me. My excitement grows with each step, my breath catches. My Daddy lowers my feet gently to the floor, standing me up next to his bed.


He strips my dress off, slipping it over my head. My Daddy turns me around, showing me the restraints at each corner of the bed, the blindfold laying on the pillow. THIS IS GETTING ME SO HOT!!

My Daddy bends me over, he wants a taste of my pretty little pussy. He licks it from behind, teasing me, sucking my clit, sliding his tongue in my hole. Yes, Daddy!! I moan louder, in pleasure as you stop at my hard clit, sucking it, licking it…OH YES, DADDY!! Lick my cunt! So FUCKING HOT!!!


My Daddy stands, undresses quickly, his huge, rigid cock standing erect right in my face. My Daddy directs his babygirl to start sucking his cock. With his huge cock in both hands I start licking and sucking the shaft. He has a beautiful cock. I take the head of his cock in my mouth, my tongue dances over the tip. I suck a little harder, taking his cock deep in my throat. Licking and sucking the head, biting gently, my mouth slides down his shaft to his balls. I gently suck on each one as he strokes his massive cock. I make my way back up his shaft to the head of his cock again, I take the whole thing…I deep throat his cock. My Daddy let out a moan as my mouth slides down his thick shaft.



My Daddy motions for me to lay on my back. He begins by securing my wrists in the restraints. Next, my legs, securing each one in a restraint at opposite corners of the bed. My legs are spread wide, my pussy primed for my Daddy to play with, to suck, to lick, to fuck. My Daddy now slips the blindfold on. All is dark.


I lay on my Daddy’s bed, bound and vulnerable. I feel something touch the calf of my right leg. It travels up my inner thigh, lightly brushing against my hot, wet pussy. It feels like a feather. It’s soft, it tickles as it slides softly over my stomach to my rock-hard nipples. My breath catches as it tickles my pretty little pussy. Yes, Daddy!! Feel good…feels REAL good.

FUCKING UNBELIEVEABLE!! I think to myself. This bondage/blindfolded shit is fucking HOT! My cunt is so wet. He tweaks my nipples, pulling on them as he takes the leather whip with tassels and slap my bare pussy with it, hard but not too hard, just enough to tease my clit. As he whips my pussy lightly with the leather tassels of the whip he slides the head of a lubricated vibrator over my ready to be fucked NOW asshole. Oh yeah, Daddy. Stick it in…slowly Daddy…tease it…FUCK IT!!


My Daddy slowly slides the vibrator into my ass, at the same time he’s sucking my clit off and on as he slowly slides the vibrator in and out of my asshole. Damn Daddy!!! My pussy’s getting so fucking HOT!! His cock is now in my face as he licks my cunt, I take his cock in my mouth. I suck it hard Daddy. His breath quickens. He stops me. My Daddy caresses my breasts, caresses my pussy. Oh Daddy…. I want your cock. Fuck me with your huge cock Daddy!!


This is amazing, the blindfold intensifies all feeling, so fucking erotic!! I am so hot Daddy!! Now, I feel my Daddy. His large cock sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy… feels so fucking good. Yeah, Daddy!! He starts fucking me nice and slow, he’s sucking on my nipple as he is thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy. He tells me I don’t have permission to cum yet. I try hard not to, obeying my Daddy as best I can. He pulls his cock out of my pussy, slowly inserting the vibrator in his cock’s place. His cock slowly enters my ass. Yeah, Daddy like that!! Fuck my ass, Daddy!! I like it in my ass! His pace quickens. He tells me I’m still not allowed to cum, I obey. He quickens his pace, my breasts bouncing with each thrust.

My Daddy, his lips curl into a smile, “Cum babygirl!!” He says as he fucks my ass. SO HOT DADDY!!! He is licking and sucking each breast. It feels good fucking good. OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO CUM…. OH MY GOD…. DADDY I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOU AS MY JUICES SPURT, HITTING YOU IN THE STOMACH!

Wow!! My Daddy’s cock is so amazing. My Daddy is amazing. He cums as he makes his final thrust hard and deep inside my ass. He pulls it out quick enough to shoot cum all over me. I feel it hitting my chest and face. OH YEAH DADDY!!

He lowers the blindfold, but only for a moment. He kisses me…looking in my eyes the whole time. I smile slightly as we kiss, thinking to myself…Oh yes, Daddy…. Fuck me like that again!! Again tonight!

My Daddy slides the blindfold back in place. All is dark. I am at my Daddy’s mercy…..



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