Daddy’s Treat, Part I

Finally, it’s Friday! The last day of the work week has come and is almost gone. I am so damn ready to start my weekend. I am so damn ready to soak in a piping hot bubble bath. I am even more ready to achieve new orgasmic heights, multiple times throughout the weekend, using my Daddy’s monster cock to achieve them. Anxious to get my weekend started, I haphazardly toss everything into my briefcase and briskly walk out of my office.

DAMN IT!! I think to myself as I approach my Daddy’s desk. He’s on a call. That could mean waiting here an additional 10-45 minutes. My Daddy handles all consumer complaints that either involve the Attorney General or have some sort of legal action going on. My Daddy oversees our Risk Management Department.

Even though I would much prefer to be in route to my bubble bath, I have always loved listening to my Daddy handle business. His voice is so sexy. He’s articulate, knowledgeable, intelligent, stern (not rude), polite and professional. He’s sexy naturally, but when he’s handling business he’s even sexier. His whole demeanor changes. He becomes an artful negotiator, eloquent. For a reason beyond my understanding, watching my Daddy conduct business really turns me on. It makes my pussy so fucking wet listening to him negotiate. SO HOT!

20 minutes later…my Daddy’s call ends. About time!! I think to myself. We can leave! My Daddy grabs his briefcase and suit jacket. He walks around his desk and approaches me. He’s smiling with a smile that would rival that of the Cheshire Cat himself. As he is walking pass me he says softly, “I have quite the surprise for you, my most precious Babygirl, and you will receive it over dinner tonight.”

Upon arriving home, my Daddy prepares my bubble bath then he helps me undress. He takes my hand in his as I step into the tub, he steadies my balance. Before he leaves to prepare dinner, he bends down and kisses me on my forehead. He sits back for a moment, his hand still cupping my cheek, and looks deep into my eyes with genuine love. He bends down and kisses me on the lips ever so softly. With that, my Daddy is up and heading for the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. As he is walking out, he turns and gives me that “Cheshire Cat” smile again. Gosh, he is so cute. I wonder what the surprise could be.

My bubble bath is almost relieving every bit of the stress and tension that accumulated during the work week. It is amazingly rejuvenating, a bubble bath. For me, it’s magical. Feeling the water begin to cool, I step out of the tub. I slip into my short, dark purple lace robe, trimmed in dark purple satin. This robe…so very sexy! It’s the kind of robe you can see through without seeing through it. My large breasts, plump ass, and sweet pussy are obscured slightly by dark purple lace. My Daddy hasn’t seen me in this robe yet. There’s no doubt he will more than approve.


As I make my way to our dining room, I notice the candlelight spilling into the hallway. Wow, our meal smells amazing. I enter our dining room. I am in awe. The amber glow of the candles wash over the entire room. Helping to set the ambiance, Jazz, John Coltrane, plays softly in the background. Our dining room table is covered with a rose colored, rose print linen tablecloth with matching napkins. In the middle of the table is a small vase. Filling the vase are three large beautiful red roses. Two tapered candles are burning, one on each side of the vase. Impressive! I think to myself as I take in the room. My Daddy really outdid himself. I am amazed that he was able to transform our dining room into a romantic cafe type setting. Beautiful Daddy. It’s so beautiful.

My Daddy walks in. He is pushing a cart that is carrying the meal he prepared for us. The food looks very yummy and smells absolutely unbelievable. I love you! I thought to myself. I love you so very much, Daddy.

As my Daddy parks the cart next to the beautifully decorated table, our gazes lock. EVERY SINGLE TIME that happens, without fail, as if on cue, my pussy begins to moisten. That ever-growing urge to feel my Daddy inside Me gets stronger and stronger. The longer he holds my gaze the hotter my pussy gets.

With just a stare, my Daddy can do more than ANY man. I can’t even explain the unbelievably strong magnetism that is shared between us. It’s nothing either of us have ever experienced before. It shook us both to the core the first time we felt it. Remarkable and rare. A magnetism so strong we are both powerless to resist. It’s just so intense, so incredibly intense.

Wait…. he’s doing it again. That “Cheshire Cat” smile. My Daddy is definitely up to something. He is absolutely chomping at the bit to tell me about his surprise. No longer capable of containing my undying, never-ending curiosity, I must ask! “Okay, I can’t take it any longer! What’s the surprise my Daddy?”

My Daddy places our meal on the table. He takes my hand in his and seats me at the table. He pushes me and my chair in, my Daddy…always the gentleman. Tonight, we dine on my favorite meal, my Daddy’s completely homemade spaghetti (pasta, meatballs & sauce) with sour dough cheesy garlic bread. Food orgasm!!

Daddy leans in to tell me my surprise, I watch the flame of the candles dance in his beautiful brown eyes. Momentarily, I am mesmerized. My Daddy very quickly snaps me out of it when he begins speaking. “My precious Babygirl, in just a few days, I will be taking you on a 7-day trip to Paris, France.” Before my Daddy could even utter another word, I was out of my seat and in his lap, both arms wrapped around his neck, and I am kissing his face repeatedly. “Thank you, my Daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The initial excitement dying down, Daddy and I are sitting down to enjoy our candlelit dinner he prepared for us. For a moment, I watch my Daddy as he eats, and I think to myself, he’s just perfect. He’s just so perfect.

As we are finishing our meal, my Daddy starts telling me about our upcoming trip to Paris. We will be staying at a 5-star hotel, the Hotel Splendide de Royal, that is located on the famous Champs Elyees-one of Paris’ most romantic avenues and is also the location of several high-end designer boutiques (Dior, Cartier, Chanel). We’re going to shop. We will dine at top rated cafes and we will visit The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

When my Daddy said the Louvre and Eiffel Tower my excitement hit a whole new level. I know this sounds a little odd, maybe even weird. It has been a long-time fantasy of mine to fuck my man right in front of a DaVinci masterpiece. Yes, I want to ride my Daddy’s huge black cock with the Mona Lisa watching. Weird…. maybe a little.

The Eiffel Tower…that fantasy I’m almost positive that just about every single person that knows about the Eiffel Tower has had or still has that very same fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to get fucked silly at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Who wouldn’t want to cum while overlooking the beautiful city of Paris?

My mind wonders as I cannot help but daydream about fulfilling my Eiffel Tower fantasy. I picture my Daddy forcefully grabbing me by the arm, spinning me around, bending me over, lifting my skirt (never wear panties), and taking me right where I stand. Aggressively fucking me hard as we are overlooking Paris. My pussy is getting wet just from the thought of it. SO HOT!

With the thoughts of my Paris fantasy flashing through my head, I decide I am skipping the rest of dinner and I am cutting straight to dessert, the burning calories kind of dessert…my Daddy!!

Biting my lower lip, I stand. At the same time, I untie my robe. My Daddy watches intently, a smile quickly spreads across his gorgeous face. My robe hits the floor. My Daddy’s eyes travel my body. He pushes his chair away from the table. My Daddy watches as I approach. I slow my gait. I move to the beat of the sexy music playing in the background. I dance, moving seductively to the groove. SEXY!! Stopping right in front of my Daddy, I turn. I bend over slowly for him. I touch my palms to the floor, giving my Daddy a good look. I reach back with both hands and I spread the cheeks of my ass, giving my Daddy an even better look. I look back at my Daddy. I watch his reaction. Oh yeah, my Daddy likes it. My Daddy wants it and his Babygirl is going to give it to him!

I am facing my Daddy. I bend down so that I am eye to eye with him. I ask my Daddy, “Your Babygirl wants to suck your massive cock. Can I Daddy?” My Daddy quickly gives me a nod of approval. I begin by kissing my Daddy’s lips. I kiss him deep and passionate. I start unbuttoning his shirt, placing a kiss on his skin at the open of each button. I stop at his belly button. I unbutton and unzip his pants. My Daddy’s beautiful black cock stands fully erect. I begin by lightly licking and sucking the head of my Daddy’s cock. Lightly biting, I tease my Daddy’s cock. My mouth lingers around the head of his cock. I suck a little harder. I take at least half of his 11-inch mammoth cock into my mouth, just barely entering my throat. I suck even harder. I must swallow it all. I will swallow it. I take his whole cock into my mouth, I take it all the way down to the base.  As I deep throat my Daddy, he moans softly letting me know that it feels good. My Daddy’s cock slides in and out of my throat with ease. How’s that feel Daddy? Do you like it Daddy? I take my Daddy’s entire cock. I feel him deep in my throat. My Daddy throat fucks me until my eyes are watering and I am desperate for air. Do you like what I am doing Daddy? Do you like throat fucking your Babygirl Daddy? He moans softly as I deep throat his cock one last time. I look up in time to see my Daddy give me that “I’m going to fuck you so hard” look. I want you Daddy! I want you deep inside me! My pussy is so fucking wet.


I get up, off my knees. I stand. Now, it’s time to ride my Daddy. I straddle my Daddy. I lower my juicy pussy onto his raging hard cock. Yeah Daddy…it feels so good. My Daddy starts sucking one of my nipples, flicking it with his tongue as he sucks. I ride his huge cock, it is slowly sliding in and out of my drenched pussy. My breath quickens. My Daddy grabs my ass with both hands. He slips two fingers in my tight asshole. My Daddy is fingering my ass as I ride his big cock. My pace quickens yet again. Yeah Daddy…finger my ass. It feels so fucking good. I hold my Daddy’s eye contact. I ride his cock harder and faster. I moan louder with excitement. My Daddy’s cock feels so damn good. My Daddy, still looking into my eyes, tells me, “I want to see that ass Babygirl.” Without a second thought, because I love it in my ass, I am up, turned around, and lowering my ass onto his massive cock with the quickness. My Daddy watches as his cock disappears in my ass. Oh yes, Daddy! Feels fucking good! Slowly I begin to ride my Daddy’s cock. As I ride, my Daddy reaches around with one hand and starts rubbing my rock-hard clit. A soft moan escapes my lips. My Daddy’s cock slides, slowly, in and out of my ass. I quicken my pace yet again. Yeah Daddy, rub my clit. It feels so fucking good Daddy! His cock is deep in my ass. Do you like that Daddy? Do you like fucking my tight asshole? My Daddy rubs my clit harder and faster. Yeah Daddy…like that. My pace quickens even more. I am furiously fucking my Daddy. Oh yes Daddy! I am going to cum Daddy…YES…I’m cumming Daddy!!! I’m cumming!! My cunt is spurting my juices all over my Daddy’s hand. Almost simultaneously, with one final hard, deep thrust, my Daddy cums deep in my ass. With my Daddy still inside me, I collapse onto his chest, I rest my head on his shoulder, my head turned toward him. I look at him, he is looks at me. With a “I just got fucked hard and loved it” look I tell my Daddy, “I love you so very much!”  He smiles, he is a beautiful man, and he says softly, “I love you more, Babygirl.”


Dedicated to my Daddy, and I think I love you more!

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  1. Whether life experience or active imagination, you give us a good tale (or tail, I guess). Love how you turn a noun (monster) into an adjective. Bonus points for working “Risk Management Department” into a sex blog.

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  2. I dig your writing. Two EROTICA (male and female) writers teaming up to be some nasty-ass Justice Teasers would be nice, don’t you think–feeding off of each other’s wickedness and filthy brains–creating the most delectable literature ever spilled onto a page?


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