Come On Ladies…..Paris.

Paris. The city for lovers. Said to be the city for engagement celebrations and first kisses. Actually all that stuff is perfect wherever you happen to be. I decided a long time ago that Paris needed to be introduced to Babygirl.

The flight over from Chicago’s O’Hare airport was uneventful…..if you can label uneventful sitting next to a woman who gets sideways glances from men and women who get a glimpse of her gorgeous legs, beautiful brown eyes, slightly enormous cleavage, moist red lips and inviting laugh. I mean BabyGirl is all natural in her outside package but it’s her down to earth attitude. Her simple, easy to engage, friendly aura. She is simply most every mans fantasy, and I won’t even get into the women who flirt with me to get at her.

Most people think sexy is something you buy at a makeup counter. They believe sensuousness is inside a bottle of expensive perfume. Some even think erotic can be obtained by wearing clothes made by someone who looks like Shrek. Sexy. Sensuousness. Erotic. All things that are inside a Woman. Things that come from a Woman’s soul. Sexy. Sensuousness. Erotic are all things inside every Woman, no matter your age, skin tone, religion, or politics. Every Woman can be Sexy. Sensuousness. Erotic. If she has a reason to be, Sexy. Sensuousness. Erotic.

I will not bore you with the details of how my body took over and reacted to her eyes locking on mine that very first time. I will not attempt to explain how after years of being in control of Me……all that control was forever gone. I had no control over this…..That way one second…..This way from now on while in her presence.

BabyGirl is the type of woman a man wants to exhibit to everyone and keep hidden for himself, all at once. Impossible.

I got sidetracked a bit……the plane ride. Uneventful. We were tempted to join that famous mile high club, again, but we both were excited about the days ahead so we just cuddled on the plane, and it soon became obvious we were being watched by passengers and crew alike. Have you ever been out and about and came across that couple who seems to be blind to everything and everyone around them, except each another? Annoying aren’t they?

Can’t slide a sheet of notebook paper between ’em. His hand in the small of her back….. Her arm around his waist….. Sweet soft quick kisses on her neck, exposed shoulder, sensuously kissing her hand, tongue slightly sliding over her finger tips….a peck on the lips with both eyes open, staring into each other’s secret places. Makes you want to smack ’em. Or join them.

I myself have seen that couple before. I myself am that couple now.

The most important thing to know about my relationship with BabyGirl is that she is in total control. Yes. She. Is. In TOTAL. Control. BabyGirl decided 25 minutes into our first meeting, to give herself, her mind, her soul, her spirit, her body, her heart and her future, to Me. Now you ladies ask, how does her doing such a thing give Her control….TOTAL control.

Open your mind to this and think of it this way……BabyGirl is a strong, high powered, successful business woman. In her work life she is the “One.” She runs shit. Men bow to her mind and her will because she is a Business Woman. Who makes profits. That type of woman does NOT want to be in control 24/7. That type of woman needs a Man whom she knows is a Man. A Man whom can support her in her career and support her in her personal life……and not be groaning…..or even grunting.

A Woman like BabyGirl needs, wants, desires a Man who will carry her when she just wants a Daddy. Now what is a Daddy….. Thats Me. A Man who can love, admire, adore, worship yet respect his BabyGirl. When a Woman meets her Twim Flame (thats not a misspelled word either)…..She knows she is complete. She realizes she does not need to be in control, she recognizes she can be a Woman who has a Man and she can relax. Un-clench. She can share her world knowing her Man, Her Daddy, has her under His control.

It’s a lot like a Woman who has been on a road trip for years, driving all over the world, all alone, by her self. Then…..she meets Him. He drives while she sleeps, and she knows in her soul, he will get her where she needs to get, on time, and in a very relaxed, satisfied condition…..Happy as fuck.


We check in….and it’s bath time. After a 9 hour flight from Chicago to Paris, one needs a hot bath.

All Ladies know not one thing on earth relaxes tired, tense legs, backs, shoulders, thighs, hips, like a hot aromatic bath, just picture yourself laying in this tub and soaking…..while your Daddy bathes your supple body, with his hands….

His hands caressing your body…..His hands touching you here…..there…..and even there. You find yourself no longer tired, tense or aching. Not aching in the way you were aching 10 minutes ago… the ache is one that needs a special touch.

Ladies, have you ever gone from worrying about the days events to totally not caring about shit except cumming? Have you ladies ever been so overcome by the NEED to orgasm that you find your mind saying……telling you to do things your momma told you NEVER TO DO?

Welcome to Our World……

To Be Continued……Ladies…..

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I promise…….This will be continued……just for you Ladies.

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