Daddy’s Treat, Part 2

It’s 3:30 am on the morning my Daddy and I leave for Paris. I am still awake. The excitement of it all robbing me of sleep. Paris, the city of romance and love. The perfect city for couples to explore one another, deepen their love, and strengthen their relationship/bond. That’s why my Daddy set this trip up, so we could gain deeper understanding of one another. Well played my Daddy, a true genius.

I watch my Daddy as he sleeps peacefully next to me. It’s dark, but not too dark, I can still make out his chiseled good looks in the ambient light emanating from the hallway. I am unable to resist the urge to touch my Daddy any longer. I must. I must touch him! I slide my naked body closer to his. I wrap myself around him. I feel my large, bare breasts with semi-erect nipples rub against his skin as I lay my head on his chest. I throw my leg across both of his at the upper thigh, brushing against his huge cock. That’s when I feel his arms moving. I feel the gentleness of his touch as his fingertips glide gently across my back, his hand resting at the curve of my hip. He pushes the hair out of my face with his other hand. I feel the softness of his lips as he lightly kisses my forehead. I really do love you Daddy. With his arms around me he gives a slight squeeze, pulling me closer. I let out a sigh. I breathe my Daddy in, I breathe him in deep… like he’s my breath of fresh air. This moment my Daddy and I are sharing, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, it couldn’t be more perfect. In his arms I have no worries, no real inhibitions. In his arms, I am completely safe. In his arms, I am home.


My beautiful, sweet Daddy, I am so deeply in love with you. I think to myself as I lightly trace the muscles of his chest with my fingertips. We hold each other in the peaceful tranquility of the early morning hours. So still. Words are not necessary. We could have laid like that for an eternity. The alarm sounds, and we are both snapped out of our own little world, quickly brought back to reality. My Daddy peers into my big brown eyes and says, “Shower Babygirl.” I immediately obey my Daddy’s wishes and I start to get up out of bed.


My Daddy’s watching me as I throw the silk sheet back and get out of bed. His eyes roam my body, he pays special attention to the bounce of my large creamy breasts as I stepped out of bed. “Stop!”, my Daddy demanded. Instinctively I obey so I stop immediately. “Turn around slowly. I want a “good look”, show me that hot body of yours Babygirl.”

My Daddy’s eyes are glued to my curvaceous, totally naked body. Do you like my beautiful tits, muscular legs, and round plump ass, Daddy? Do you like what you see Daddy? My Daddy’s mouth curling into an all too familiar smile. He stands. The silk sheet slides down his tall, lean, muscular body. His cock now exposed is standing fully erect.

My Daddy walks up behind me. He moves my hair to the side, exposing my shoulder and neck. He starts kissing my shoulder, making a trail of kisses straight for my neck. Feels so good Daddy! He knows what it does to me to kiss/nibble/suck on my neck. Makes me super-hot! My pussy begins to moisten. My Daddy’s hands begin to travel my body. Starting from my shoulders, his hands slip over my shoulders, and rest on my large breasts. His fingers pull/rub/roll my now fully erect nipples. A soft moan escapes my lips. My Daddy keeps one hand on my breasts, still pulling/playing with my nipple(s) while his other hand slides down my stomach, passes my belly button. He lightly caresses the outside lips of my pussy. Attempting to tease, he’s careful not to caress around my clit. Yeah Daddy, tease that pussy. It’s so fucking wet. So hot Daddy! Three of my Daddy’s fingers part my pussy lips. He’s rubbing my now rock-hard clit softly. My cunt is so fucking wet. “Do you want my fingers deep in your pussy Babygirl?” My Daddy asked as he rubbed my clit a little harder, a litter faster, still pulling/rolling/rubbing my nipple(s). “Oh yes Daddy…yes please…please finger my dripping wet cunt.” My Daddy slides three of his long/huge fingers in my pussy. My breath quickens as he fingers me slow. In, as deep as he can get his fingers to go, then out again…nice and slow. Oh Yeah Daddy…it feels so fucking good!! My Daddy picks up the pace. He fingers me a little faster. My juices drip down my inner thigh. Oh yeah…right there Daddy….my pussy’s so fucking hot. Do you like fingering my pretty little bald pussy? My Daddy responds with shoving fingers as deep as he could get them. Oh, hell yeah Daddy! That’s it…my pussy needs cock Daddy. SO HOT!! I moan as he fingers go deep. Feels so good Daddy.


I can feel my Daddy’s huge cock pressed against my ass. Daddy please…please Daddy fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard Daddy. Make me scream. He slowly pulls his fingers out of my pussy, juices dripping it’s so wet. “Shower Babygirl” My Daddy says to me in a low deep tone. “Yes, my Daddy.” Without hesitating I obey him and head straight for our double headed shower. The hot water runs through my hair and down my shoulders across my back and breast. My Daddy, a gentleman always, turns me around and starts washing my almost waist length dark brown hair. His fingers massage my scalp as he works the shampoo into my hair. He washes my body too…. super erotic. He spent extra care washing my breasts. My Daddy slid the washcloth through the crack of my ass, his fingers linger to caress my asshole. Oh yes Daddy…that feels so good. I like that my Daddy. I am so fucking ready for your cock. Please Daddy! Please…. Fuck me HARD!

After my Daddy rinses my hair and I am soap free, he guides me toward the shower wall and says in that sexy voice of his, “Lean your upper body toward the shower wall. I want your ass to me Babygirl.” Quickly I face the shower wall. I lean my upper body close to the wall of the shower, I push my ass out and spread my legs as far as I can get them. My Daddy is standing behind me. He’s stroking that massive cock while he looks at his Babygirl from behind. My Daddy bends down, spreads my ass cheeks and starts licking my asshole. My breath catches. Yes Daddy. My pussy is so FUCKING HOT! He pulls his tongue out of my ass and starts sucking my pretty little pussy.


He nibbles slightly on my throbbing clit. He licks me from clit to asshole and back again. I can’t hardly take it my pussy is so fucking hot. OH YEAH DADDY…EAT MY PUSSY FROM BEHIND. SUCK THAT CLIT!! Suddenly, my Daddy stopped in attempt to slow orgasm. “Not yet Babygirl”, he says smiling. “Yes, my Daddy”, I say obeying. My Daddy stands. I feel his huge cock pressing against my pussy. He penetrates my sweet little cunt. He goes in deep first thrust. He picks up his pace. Yes Daddy…please fuck my pussy hard! FUCK IT HARD DADDY! I am moaning loudly as my Daddy really pounds my pussy HARD! Yes Daddy…. YES! Fuck me hard! Feels so fucking good! My Daddy slows his pace. He still doesn’t want me to cum yet. Damn Daddy that feels so good. His cock moves slowly in and out of my dripping wet pussy. OH yes…Daddy. Tease my cunt. As Daddy’s cock slowly moves in and out, he slips three fingers deep in my asshole. Oh yeah Daddy feels so fucking good! Like that Daddy Yeah…finger my ass. My Daddy’s fingers slide in and out of my ass in rhythm with his cock. My hips start grinding, pushing back with each thrust. I want deeper penetration my Daddy. Daddy’s cock goes deeper in my pussy, his fingers deeper in my ass. OH YEAH DADDY!!! Fuck me harder… HARDER!! My Daddy picks up the pace again. Now he’s really pounding my pussy. He is fucking me as hard as he possibly can. OH YES!! I screamed. YES DADDY!! FUCK YEAH!!

Slowing his pace…My Daddy slowly pulled his rock-hard cock out of my cunt. He turned me around, took me into his arms, my legs hooked over his forearms, my arms around his neck. My Daddy began sucking on my nipples as he slowly slid his cock into my ass. Oh, fucking yeah Daddy! Fuck that ass! Yeah like that Daddy. It feels so fucking good. He quickens his pace. Yeah Daddy! Do you like it Daddy? Do you like how tight my asshole is Daddy? Fuck me HARDER! He quickens his pace again. My Daddy is now pounding the hell out of my asshole. Yeah Daddy!! My nails dig into his back. Oh yeah Daddy!! I’m going to cum Daddy…. Oh yeah…here it cums….Yes Daddy!!! I’m cumming Daddy!! My juices run down his leg I am cumming so hard. Daddy thrusts hard, harder and even harder. Finally, with one last hard, deep thrust my Daddy cums in my ass. When he pulls out he tells me to bend over. My Daddy watches the cum ooze from my asshole and cunt. Oh, Daddy that was so phenomenal.


As I was cleaning up, my Daddy asks, “Have I told you today that I love you?” He smiles, and winks then quickly says, “I will” Cupping my face with one hand, pulling me to him by the waist with the other my Daddy says, “I love you Babygirl.” Smiling that totally in love kind of smile I say, “I know you do. I love you too!’ We kiss, long and passionate. “Get ready Babygirl.” My Daddy said as he made his way to the closet. “Yes, my Daddy.” I say obeying my Daddy.

Our flight departs O’Hare at 7:10 am, 9 hrs. later we’ll be in Paris. Almost ready, finishing touches and I’ll be ready for the airport. Today I am wearing my pink floral Calvin Klein Halter Maxi dress with a pair of silver Jack Rogers Hamptons, midwedge. My nail and toenails are painted “Spare me a French Quarter” (No shit that’s the name), kind of a dark cherry purple color, matching the dress perfectly. I am wearing a platinum necklace-tiny chain, with a small dragonfly pendant and matching earrings. I am wearing my hair in an up do. I step back, look in the mirror. Nice, I look very nice.

I turn around and there he is, my Daddy, he is watching me. “Babygirl you’re so beautiful.” Blushing a little shyly I say, “Thank you my Daddy. You look pretty amazing yourself.” He stands before me wearing a silver pair of tailored to fit slacks with matching jacket, a pink oxford shirt, no tie, and a pair of Gucci dress shoes. My Daddy’s breathtakingly handsome.

We are finally on our way, I think to myself as we back out of the driveway. We are on our way to the airport. Paris, France… here we come, or is it cum?

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  1. Another wonderfully written and sensuous, erotic and nasty episode. It’s difficult to be sensuous erotic and nasty all at once and you do all 3 so very well. Your writing takes me right there, as if I have a seat up close and personal to experience every touch, every lick, every sensation you are writing about… are not only a writer but you’re a transporter.

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  2. Always a treat BB (though DD is probably more accurate). Hopefully, you will tell us the ins and outs of Paris.

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