Daddy’s Treat, Part 3

Finally!! We are boarding our flight for Paris. Today we fly in style, and comfort. Today we fly First Class. So excited I can barely contain myself. My Daddy takes his seat next to me, his Babygirl. He looks over at me as he sits by my side. His eyes are twinkling from the early morning sunlight that pours in from the window next to me. My Daddy smiles. Such a beautiful man, I think to myself as he takes my hand in his. His large hand quickly enveloping mine. He gives a gentle squeeze as I look deep into my Daddy’s beautiful brown eyes. Using my “French by Google Translate”, I turn to my Daddy and say in French, “Je t’aime tellement mon papa.” (I love you so very much my Daddy.) My Daddy smiles broadly with approval and quickly replies using a low, sexy tone “Tre Bonne Babygirl. Mais, tu sais que je t’aime beaucoup plus.” (Very good Babygirl. But, you know I love you way more.)

I have always found foreign languages to be interesting, beautiful when spoken (understood or not). French is one of those languages I have always been attracted to, so to speak. I love to hear it spoken. But, when my Daddy spoke French, ‘attracted to’ became an understatement. Just hearing my Daddy’s sexy ass voice speaking French turned me on beyond belief! To me, it was downright HOT! My pussy instantly began to moisten with each word he spoke in French. By the end of his sentence, I was dripping wet. Had he spoke any more than he did in French, I don’t think I could have controlled myself. I would have climbed atop my Daddy’s lap and I would have fucked him right then and right there, in front of anyone and everyone on this goddamn plane.  As if he could read my mind, my Daddy again gives my hand a gentle squeeze. He raises my hand to his lips and kisses the back of my hand ever so lightly. My mind drifts from my sexual urges and desires to the unbelievable feeling I feel down deep as my Daddy’s lips graze the back of my hand. Oh, my Daddy, your kiss, your touch, you, everything about you … you are my breath of fresh air…I will never let you go. I curl up next to/on top of my Daddy. Like a security blanket, he wraps his arms around me.

For the first 5-6 hours of our 9-hour flight my Daddy held me as I slept, my head on his chest, one arm around his waist. I awoke from my mid-morning slumber to a giggling stewardess flirting with the very handsome British gentleman that sits adjacent to my Daddy and me. The stewardess, a strikingly beautiful, busty blonde has apparently been flirting with the British gentleman for quite some time. The stewardess is giving the Brit a flirty smile as she bites her lower lip. Pretty much giving him that “FUCK ME NOW” look. The British gentleman is holding her leg, his hand resting at the back of her knee. Almost as if he is pulling her to him. It appears our flight is about to get a little more interesting, I thought to myself as I intently watch them both.

The stewardess is a real beauty. She has long, shiny, almost white-blonde hair put up neatly in a bun. She has beautiful pale-blue eyes with long eye lashes. Her skin, a kissed by the sun bronze color is tanned to perfection. She has large, perky breasts that are easily noticed through her snug, white button up shirt, her large nipples noticeably erect. She has a round, plump ass that looks damn near perfect in her equally snug navy-blue dress pants. Wow, I think to myself, she’s HOT!! She is a natural beauty. A definite match for the British gentleman who is quite the hottie himself. I look the British gentleman over from head to toe. Not only is his accent super-HOT, but this Brit is downright SEXY. He has short, wavy blonde hair, clean but disheveled. Pulling off the “grunge rocker with style” look, he’s wearing a pair of black leather Acrux skinny pants, with a form-fitting charcoal grey Versace t-shirt, and a pair of black leather Balenciaga boots. SUPER HOT!! He has that scruffy yet extremely sexy, haven’t shaved for a couple days, five o’clock shadow kind of look. He has the most beautiful, bright blue eyes that mesmerize you with just a glance. He is tall and lean, with a muscular build. Has a smile NO WOMAN can resist… Talk about one HOT FUCKING BRIT!!

Catching my gaze, the Brit gives me a crooked grin as he slides his hand slowly up the beautiful stewardess’s leg, stopping to rest right below her tight ass. His fingers are inches away from her hot cunt. He caresses her inner thigh. I watch as the Brit teases the pretty blonde stewardess. It’s making me so hot, Daddy. I am beginning to feel that dull “touch me/fuck me now” ache that starts deep within my pussy. I watch as he moves his hand up so that his fingers are now lightly caressing her sweet little pussy. I hear a soft moan escaping the pretty blonde’s lips, she’s enjoying the tease. SO HOT! My pussy begins to moisten as I watch the Brit’s fingers lightly caress the pretty blonde stewardess’s pussy through her dress slacks. I am getting so hot watching him tease her. My breath catches. Oh yeah, rub her hot little cunt. The stewardess spreads her legs a little wider as the Brit rubs her pussy with a little more vigor. The stewardess turns toward the cockpit says, “Alex, close the partition, please.” Alex, another stewardess, quickly replies, “Sure thing, Roxanne.” Alex walks briskly toward the partition, so she can close it, separating First Class from Coach.

As Alex walks by me, I notice her uniform is slightly different. She is wearing the same slightly snug white button up shirt, but instead of dress slacks she is wearing a form fitting, navy blue skirt that stops just above her knee. The skirt snug enough to show off her round, plump, juicy ass, and short enough to show off her slender yet muscular, tanned legs. She is a beautiful, tall, statuesque, curvaceous woman with thick, shiny black hair that is being held back by a hair clip. She has big, beautiful brown eyes with super-long eyelashes, “bedroom eyes.” Her large perky breasts bounce with each step.

My eyes now drift back to the blonde and the Brit. The Brit and I lock gazes again. We hold eye contact as he rubs Roxanne’s pussy with even more vigor, Roxanne moans softly. The Brit clears his throat and with a sexy ass British accent he says to my Daddy and I, “Hello there my little voyeur and kind sir. My name is Bon, Bon Scott. And you are?” Before I could answer Bon, like a good Babygirl, I look up at my Daddy for his permission to address another man. My Daddy smiles and gives me a nod of approval, letting me know it’s okay to speak with him. Looking Bon directly into his gorgeous blue eyes, I say to him, “Nice to meet you Bon. My name is Babygirl. And this…this is my Daddy.” Bon nods in acknowledgement, my Daddy does the same. That’s when, suddenly, a male voice chimes in from behind saying, “Hello all, my name is Jay.”  I turn to see a gorgeous hunk of a man standing before me. Fitting the picture of a “hot surfer dude from L.A.” He is wearing a slightly snug black Hurley long sleeve t-shirt that shows off his muscular chest and arms perfectly. He is wearing a pair of charcoal grey Billabong shorts. Oh my, my!! HE IS SO FUCKING HOT!! So hot that I completely forget to get my Daddy’s permission before blurting out, “Hi, I’m Babygirl.” By the look on my Daddy’s face, I instantly knew I made a mistake. That’s when My Daddy says, “Babygirl, that means punishment.” Without hesitation, I stand. I pull my dress up, exposing my naked ass and I lay across my Daddy’s lap. Everyone, especially my Daddy, now has a perfect view of my plump naked ass. Spank me, Daddy. I love it when you spank me!! I love it even more when people are watching my Daddy spank me!! Gets me so fucking hot! My Daddy slaps my ass with his bare hand, hard, but not too hard. My breath quickens. Yeah, Daddy. Feels good! He slaps my ass again, this time harder. Oh yeah, Daddy spank my ass hard!! All is quiet as everyone intently watches my Daddy spank my plump ass. Bon, obviously enjoying watching my Daddy spank my fat ass, he begins vigorously rubbing Roxanne’s pussy even more. I turn to see Jay rubbing his rock-hard cock through his shorts, and Alex is peering over the seat directly in front of my Daddy and I, she is rubbing her exposed, fully erect nipples. My Daddy slaps my fat ass again. Oh yeah, Daddy. Make my pussy so fucking hot, so wet. Spank me Daddy! My Daddy slaps my ass again and again, spanking me ‘til my ass turns a bright crimson red. My pussy is dripping wet. My Daddy now rubbing my ass says, “Punishment is over Babygirl.”. He slips his hand deep into the crack of my ass, sliding his thumb into my asshole as his first two fingers slip into my pussy. He fingers both my cunt my ass nice and slow. He teases me good, making me want his cock in me so fucking bad. Oh yeah, Daddy…. like that, finger my cunt and my ass nice and slow.  Yeah, Daddy finger me …like that. It feels so fucking good, Daddy. Tease my cunt and ass. Make my clit so fucking hard, Daddy. I’m so fucking wet. I NEED your cock in me, Daddy!! I NEED YOU COCK IN ME NOW!!


First Class is surprisingly empty with just me, my Daddy, Bon, Roxanne, Jay, Alex, and another couple that didn’t introduce themselves (rubbing each other as they watch). Looks like we’re going to have a “First Class” orgy, I think to myself as I watch Roxanne unbutton her shirt letting it fall at her feet. Reaching back, she unhooks her white satin and lace bra, her beautiful, perky breasts now exposed. Her nipples fully erect.  Bon unbuttons and unzips her dress slacks, removing them, exposing the sexy white, satin and lace thong panties underneath. Bon slaps her perfect, round ass, then rubs her cheeks. He spreads them to reveal the string of her thong. He gives the sting a slight tug, teasing her cunt. Roxanne pulls on her erect nipples as Bon teases her cunt.


Alex, now on her knees, her face extremely close to my ass, watches my Daddy slowly finger me. My Daddy says to me, “Spread your legs a little wider Babygirl. Alex wants a good look.” Obeying, I spread my legs wider. Alex is now rolling both of her exposed nipples between her finger and thumb, pulling on them, caressing them. Jay, watching my Daddy finger my pussy and ass too, gets behind Alex. He unzips her skirt and slides it down. Alex is not wearing panties. Her beautiful ass is now exposed. Jay starts fingering her juicy wet cunt from behind. My Daddy looks at Alex and says, “Lick my Babygirl’s cunt.” Alex, ready and waiting, quickly starts licking me from behind, her tongue sliding in and out of my asshole. She makes her way to my cunt and starts flicking my rock-hard clit with her tongue, she sucks my clit, then flicks it again. My breath quickens. Oh yeah, Daddy feels good when she’s sucking my clit. Feels so fucking good. My Daddy slides his first two fingers in my ass. He starts fingering my ass as Alex is eating my juicy, wet cunt. Oh yeah, that feels so fucking good, Daddy. Do you like watching her eat my pussy Daddy? She’s sucking my clit as you finger my ass, Daddy. It feels so fucking good. Yeah, finger my ass as she eats my cunt. I moan with pleasure. I hear a soft moan escaping Alex’s lips as Jay is now laying on the floor, his head between her legs, licking and sucking her pussy as she licks and sucks mine. Alex and I both moan in pleasure.


The unknown couple watching all of us now have their pants off. They are rubbing themselves. The man stroking his rock-hard cock as his female companion rubs her now juicy, wet pussy. They watch us all so closely.

After teasing Roxanne’s pussy with the string of her thong, Bon removes her panties. He lays his seat back as far as it will go and has Roxanne climb on the seat, he tells her he wants her from behind. In that sexy British accent, Bon says to Roxanne, “Head down, ass up, baby” Roxanne obeys, her bald pussy glistening it is so fucking wet. Bon begins by licking Roxanne’s pussy from behind. He licks her cunt from clit to asshole, then back again. He spreads her ass cheeks, fully exposing her tight little asshole. He tongues her asshole, making it nice and wet. Once it’s wet enough, he slips his finger deep in her ass. Bon watches as his finger slides in and out of her asshole. Roxanne moans loudly as Bon makes her pussy so fucking hot. Still fingering Roxanne’s ass nice and slow, Bon unbuttons and unzips his leather pants, slipping them off, exposing his large 12-inch, rock-hard, monster cock. Bon again catches my gaze. We again hold eye contact as he slides his large cock into Roxanne’s bald, dripping wet pussy. She lets out a gasp as his huge cock slowly enters her cunt. She turns, looks at Bon and says, “Fuck my cunt slow, Bon. Tease it…tease my pussy.” Bon obliges, keeping a slow even pace, his cock slowly sliding in and out of Roxanne’s hot cunt. Roxanne moans louder, it feels so fucking good.


I feel my Daddy’s large cock. It is now hard and is pressing against my stomach. I turn and say to my Daddy, “I want your cock, Daddy. I want you to fuck my cunt, Daddy. Can Jay fuck me in the ass while your cock is deep in my cunt, Daddy? Please, Daddy, can he?” My Daddy nods with approval. Alex and I stand. My Daddy lifts the cup holder/armrest, turning our seats into a couch. He reclines both seats turning the coach almost into a bed. He tells Jay to lay on his back across our seats. My Daddy tells me to climb on top of Jay with my pussy facing him. He tells me to place his cock in my ass. I obey my Daddy and I climb on top of Jay, slowly sliding his cock deep into my ass. My Daddy watches me as I ride Jay’s cock, he sticks three fingers deep my pussy. Oh yeah Daddy, finger my pussy. As my Daddy fingers my pussy with one hand, he is rubbing my clit with the other. OH FUCKING YES, Daddy…like that. You’re making my cunt so fucking hot. My Daddy watches me as I ride Jays cock, his hand deep in my pussy, fingering me slowly. I am riding Jay’s cock slow as my Daddy watches as his cock slides in and out of my asshole. Oh yeah, Daddy. Do you like that? Do you like watching his cock slide in and out of my asshole, Daddy? I love it, Daddy. I love it in my ass. Fuck yeah, Daddy….it feels so fucking good.


Bon is now pounding Roxanne’s cunt hard. He rocks her body with each thrust. Roxanne is almost screaming in pleasure. I watch her face as she is watching Jay fuck me in the ass. Her eyes seemingly glued to my ass. She likes watching as Jay fuck me in the ass. Oh yeah…I love riding his cock as you and my Daddy watch. Watch me fuck him. Watch as his large cock slides slowly in and out of my asshole. My pussy is so fucking wet. Yeah, Daddy…finger my cunt. My Daddy strokes his large cock as he watches me, fingering my cunt. Roxanne asks Bon to fuck her cunt harder as she watches.

My Daddy tells Alex to sit on Jay’s face as he fucks my ass. Obeying, Alex straddles Jay’s face. She lets out a gasp as Jay licks and sucks her cunt, flicking her clit with his tongue, sucking her clit, flicking it again, sucking it again, then flicking it some more. My Daddy leans me back so that my head is resting on Alex’s shoulder and my legs are spread wide. My pussy is primed and ready for my Daddy’s large, beautiful black cock. He slowly slips his cock into my dripping wet cunt as Jay is fucking my tight asshole. Oh yeah, Daddy feels so good in my pussy and ass. My Daddy and Jay pick up the pace. Alex pulls on my nipples as Jay eats her cunt. We are both moaning with excitement. Fuck yeah, Daddy!! Fuck me hard. My Daddy picks up his pace even more. He is pounding my pussy with deep powerful thrusts…Oh yeah, Daddy…feels so fucking good!!


Bon and Roxanne move to the aisle. Bon bends Roxanne over right in front of me, making sure I have a good view. I can’t help but notice her pussy is dripping fucking wet. I watch Bon’s huge cock disappear as he slides it deep in Roxanne’s gaping wet hole. Bon fucks her slow for a moment, teasing her cunt. Bon quickens his pace, pounding her cunt hard. He pounds her cunt hard from behind. Roxanne screams with pleasure. I think to myself, as I watch Bon pound Roxanne’s hot little pussy, I do so love watching a woman get fucked hard from behind, makes my pussy so fucking HOT!!


My Daddy and Jay fuck me harder. I hear Alex moaning with pleasure as Jay is eating her cunt. He flicks her clit with his tongue fast, stopping to suck on her clit, then flicking it some more. Alex moans even louder as she is starting to cum. Alex cums so hard her cunt juices spurt all over Jay’s face. My Daddy watches as Alex is cums, so he starts pounding my pussy even harder making Jay pound my ass even harder. Oh yeah Daddy …. like that. Fuck my pussy hard Daddy!! HARDER!! Oh yeah, Jay…fuck me in the ass!! FUCK YEAH!! MY PUSSY’S SO FUCKING HOT!!


The unknown couple are now fucking one another as they watch the fuckfest unfold in front of them. The unknown woman is riding the unknown man reverse cowgirl style. I watch her as she rubs her rock-hard clit, the unknown man’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Bon slowly pulls his cocks out of Roxanne’s pussy. He tells Roxanne to spread her ass cheeks for him. He wants to fuck her in the ass, doggie style. Bon starts playing with her asshole, using the head of his cock to tease her ass hole, he rubs it ever so light against it. Her breath quickens. Roxanne starts rubbing her clit harder and faster as Bon slides his huge cock deep in her ass. Roxanne moans loudly as his cock slides in and out of her asshole, deeper and deeper, harder and faster. Roxanne moans even louder, rubbing her clit hard and fast. Bon starts pounding her asshole from behind. Roxanne screams in pleasure. Unable to take it any longer, Roxanne cums all over her hand as she is rub her super-hard clit. Bon fucks her ass even harder. Finally, with one last hard, deep thrust, Bon cums. He cums deep in Roxanne’s ass. Finished cumming, Bon slowly pulls his cock out of Roxanne’s ass. He tells her to stay put just so I can watch his cum drip from her asshole. I can’t take my eyes off Roxanne’s ass as I watch his cum ooze from her asshole. SUPER FUCKING HOT!!


My Daddy and Alex furiously fuck my cunt and ass as I am watching the cum drip from Roxanne’s asshole. My pussy is so hot, Daddy… Oh yeah…like that, Daddy. I’m going to cum, Daddy….OH YEAH, FUCK YEAH…FUCK ME HARD!!! I’M CUMMING, Daddy…. I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR HUGE COCK!! OH, FUCK YEAH!!! My juices spurt all over my Daddy’s stomach, dripping down my asshole, drenching Jay’s balls. My Daddy fucks my cunt even harder. With one final thrust, my Daddy pulls his cock out of my ass and blows his huge load all over my tits. I rub my Daddy’s cum all over my breasts, paying special attention to my nipples, pulling them, twisting them, caressing them. Then I lick my Daddy’s cum off my fingers as he watches. Mmmmmm Daddy, tastes so good.  My Daddy sits back, he now watches Jay fuck my asshole harder and harder. I scream with pleasure. Do you like watching his cock fuck my asshole, Daddy? Do you like watching me ride his cock? Oh yeah, Daddy…I like it in my ass. Jay is now fucking my ass harder and faster. With one last, final, powerful thrust Jay cums deep in my ass.


Slowly Jay slides his large cock out of my ass. I am still laying atop Jay, my legs still spread wide. My Daddy watches as Alex licks my bald cunt clean and I think to myself, if this is a prelude to how orgasmic our trip to Paris is going to be…look out Paris … cause here cums Daddy and his Babygirl! We are horny and ready to fuck!! Vive Paris!!

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