The Dance Begins

He moves my hair, long and dark. My neck exposed.
The dance begins.

He kisses, nibbles, sucks the nape of my neck.
Instant Goosebumps, instantly aroused.
He kisses me softly from neck to breast to mouth.

Fully erect nipples gauge my intense excitement. Unable to resist,
I pull on them. He loves to watch me touch them. I love to perform for him.

He kisses me deep as his fingertips explore the curves of my body.
He makes sure he holds my gaze as his fingers slip into my eager wetness.

His fingers explore my depths. A soft moan escapes my lips. In and out his fingers slowly move, juices begin to flow.

Standing, back pressed against the wall, he parts my legs with his knees. I watch him watch me as he spreads me wide. He lifts one of my legs so it is cradled in his arm. He penetrates me slowly, his rigid hardness slipping deep inside my slippery wetness.

In and out he moves, his thrusts are slow, deliberate. He teases me to the point of frenzy. No longer capable of enduring his tease. Craving the feel of his power deep inside. I beg, give it to me harder and faster.

His pace quickens. My breath catches.
Powerful thrusts rock my body. Excitement at a fever pitch. The world narrows as two become one. Walls close in tightly on all his fullness. Climax in reach.

His pace quickens again. His thrusts even more powerful. I feel him deep, every inch of him, as he dishes out my pounding.

Our stares lock, we both must look deep into one another’s eyes as
orgasmic climax cums and cums again. A pleasure so perfect. Juices mix, dripping down my leg, in a perfect mixture of ultimate happiness.

Still inside me, he holds me in his arms. He kisses me deep.

The dance begins again.

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