Daddy’s Treat, Part IV

Our “First-Class, free-for-all/fuck-a-thon”, a most epic cum-fest of an orgy ended with orgasmic fury. Each of us sporting that “after cum glow” one naturally gets following orgasm after orgasm. This is, by far, the best flight I have ever been on. Not only did I get fucked hard (just the way I like it), but I have finally gained membership to the illustrious “mile high club”. One more thing I can check off the old “fuck-it list”. A longtime fantasy is now reality. My Daddy… how do you do it? With each sexcapade you and I go on, somehow you up the ante every single time and with mind blowing orgasmic results. You, my Daddy… you have changed sex for me in so many ways. My fantasy, my desire, my wants, my needs are all consuming. Sex is not just sex anymore… it’s the most intense erotic pleasure I have ever felt and seems to get more intense with each sexual encounter. I want you, my Daddy. I want you more than I have every wanted anything. I want to feel you in me, my Daddy. I want you so fucking bad, all the fucking time! Thank you, my Daddy…thank you so very much for everything you do for me/to me in the name of pleasure (sexual and otherwise). Your all-around skill and expertise, in and out of the bedroom, my Daddy, is much admired and most appreciated (more than you know).

Our flight is finally drawing to a long-awaited end. So excited… disbelief that in less than an hour we will be landing at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. That is when it will all begin… a sexual exploration of the kinkiest kind. Unconscionable excitement, unbearable anticipation, intense sexual anxiety, burning sexual desire… consuming us both. You and I, Daddy, exploring each other (mind, body & soul) so deeply, we devour one another. Two will become one. United. Together forever. Oh, my Daddy… do you know that, to me, you are the nearest to perfection than any man I have ever known? Do you know I am in awe of you every time I am in your presence? I am yours, Daddy. I am forever yours, do with me what you will… but, be gentle (only sometimes).


I feel the warmth between my legs start to get just a tad bit warmer as my thoughts drift to the things my Daddy and I will do to/with one another. The anticipation of my Daddy teasing, taunting, spanking, watching, fondling, licking, sucking, and fucking me however he wants, in whatever position he so desires, for however long he so chooses, is just about making me insane with an overpowering desire to fuck. Oh yeah…I want you, Daddy. I want your cock so fucking bad. I want you to fuck me so hard, so good, in every which way you know how, Daddy. Lead me to a more beautiful, never before achieved level of heightened sexuality. Oh yes, Daddy… help me find that deeper understanding of self. My pussy is so wet, Daddy. SO FUCKING WET!

I can’t help but smile as I experience that “breath of fresh air” feeling I get every time I am in my Daddy’s arms. My head is resting on his muscular chest. I listen to the beat of his heart, rhythmic and soothing. My Daddy has one arm wrapped around me, his hand resting at the curve in the small of my back. With the other hand, my Daddy so very gently runs his fingers through my long, wavy dark-brown hair. My eyes are glued to my Daddy’s gorgeous face. His caramel skin flawlessly revealed by the early morning sunlight that is shining in from the windows across the aisle. The sunlight dances across my Daddy’s face, making his beautiful dark brown eyes twinkle. His strong jawline is accented perfectly by a downright sexy five o’clock shadow (with a hint of grey) that is just beginning to appear on his face. My breath catches. My Daddy is just so mother fucking sexy!


Believe it or not, it’s not my Daddy’s face or body that I find the sexiest. What I find to be sexier than my Daddy’s fine ass face/perfect ass body… is my Daddy’s uncanny ability to pull off charming/classy (filling out his designer suits nicely-a man with taste & style) while at the same time exuding an almost overpowering, fucking totally sexy, kind of intensity that makes everyone (man or woman) keenly aware that he’s the alpha male. In his presence, all men (through no fault of their own) quickly realize, without even challenging my Daddy, exactly where their place is in the dominance hierarchy-beta males. There hasn’t been a man yet that can even begin to challenge or test my Daddy’s dominance. There is no dispute who the alpha is when my Daddy’s around. No doubt, my Daddy’s the alpha.

As far as females are concerned… women who are lucky enough to find themselves in my Daddy’s presence, immediately find themselves submitting to my Daddy. Without a word, they become submissive to my Daddy’s dominance. For all women (myself included) his strength as the alpha male is so powerful, it’s intoxicating. With just one look his dominance over them (over me) is quickly and easily established. So damn sexy!! Such a fucking turn on watching my Daddy establish his dominance, making women (me) wet with just a look. Oh Daddy… you are just so mother fucking sexy! You make my pussy so hot, Daddy. SO HOT!!  I want your cock… I need your cock! Oh yeah, Daddy, I want you to fuck me…fuck me now, FUCK ME HARD!


One look from my Daddy is all it takes, quickly turning a flicker to a flame. With just a look from him, I find myself unbelievably hot and in desperate need of his monster cock. With just one look, as if on cue, that dull “need cock now ache” begins to stir deep within my hot little pussy. With just one look from my Daddy, I am primed and ready for him to fuck me whenever and however he wishes to. SO ATTRACTED to my Daddy’s strength, his dominance, to HIM that I am powerless to resist. With just one look…whatever my Daddy requires/desires/needs/wants from his Babygirl, he will surely, most definitely get. I will forever stand by the “anything my Daddy wants; my Daddy will get” motto (unless I am feeling a little rebellious and crave a spanking). In return, for my total submission, for being his babygirl, my Daddy gives a sense of security (total & complete), unconditional love (UNCONDITIONAL), guidance, and an unbreakable/unshakable trust. My Daddy gives me everything I have always wanted/needed from a man in order  for me to be emotionally and sexually free…truly/honestly, sexually free.


Before my Daddy, every relationship I was in was vanilla. It was one vanilla relationship after another vanilla relationship. No adventure, no spice…totally BORING, emotionally/sexually stunting vanilla relationships. After meeting my Daddy, my eyes are wide open to the fact that, “Once a girl goes Daddy, she NEVER goes back!” (why would she?)

There is no doubt my Daddy and I will take full advantage of every second of every minute of each day that we are here in Paris. Before the end, when it is all said and done, my Daddy and I will have explored the very depths of one another, discovering each other on a deeper, more cerebral level. I am so ready to learn, explore, experience all forms of pleasure from you, with you, to you, in front of you, all over you…Oh yeah, Daddy…my pussy is dripping wet with anticipation. I can’t help but think about you fucking me hard at the top of the Eiffel Tower, in the middle one those designer boutiques, or at the Louvre in front of God and everybody. My Daddy, making me cum while lustful onlookers watch… WOW it’s making me so hot, Daddy. SO FUCKING HOT!!!

The crackle of the pilot’s voice over the PA announcing our arrival abruptly brings me out of my erotic daydream. LANDING! WE’RE LANDING! YAY! Seat belt sign is on! Like a giddy child on Christmas morning, I am so excited that a slight squeal escapes my lips. My Daddy laughs softly, turns and says to me, “Babygirl, right now you are so very beautiful. You are absolutely glowing.” My smile widens as I throw my arms around his neck, slowly showering his face with sweet, gentle kisses. My lips linger on his…only for a moment. His lips so soft, his kiss tastes so sweet…so very sweet.

I finish my Daddy’s shower of kisses with my tongue lightly grazing his bottom lip. That’s when the uncanny “someone’s watching me” feeling begins to creep in. I glance across the aisle, my gaze catches Bon’s as he was watching me place each kiss on my Daddy’s face/lips. His lips curled into a smile as he looks deep into my dark brown eyes with those vibrant, piercing blue eyes of his… so beautiful they mesmerize. At that very moment, I felt regret for not involving Bon in a double penetration scenario with me and my Daddy during the orgy. Bon’s beautiful, very large cock filling my cunt. My Daddy’s huge cock filling my ass…a double penetration paradise!! I sigh deeply as the phrase, “should have, could have, would have” flashes conveniently thorough my mind. I smile back, giving Bon one of my best “wish I would have fucked you” smiles.


The plane lands. Our pilot steers the plane carefully to the appropriate gate. We come to a stop. Preparations to disembark begin. My Daddy stands. I admire his perfect ass damn near in my face. He turns and reaches for my hand, I reach for his.

My Daddy gives me that crooked grin as he looks into my twinkling big brown eyes, chuckling as he notices the severe case of perma-grin that is presently affecting my face. So excited, I am glowing.

The plane’s hatch opens. The tunnel that leads from the plane to our gate is latched and secured. My Daddy holds my hand firmly as we step into the aisle of the plane, making our way to the end of the tunnel. “Paris, we have arrived!!” I whisper to myself with quiet excitement. Finally, we come to the end of the tunnel. We cross the threshold from tunnel to airport. WE HAVE ARRIVED!

Immediately, my Daddy and I are greeted by an extremely good looking, well dressed man. He’s holding a sign in front of him that displays my Daddy’s last name. Sensing the impending question, my Daddy explains, “This is our driver for the duration of our trip. He will take us anywhere you want to go, any time you need to.” My Daddy…without a doubt…is a true sex God. He’s a real class act, has a great personality, and he really knows how to treat a lady. He spares no expense. He is a perfect man, in every sense of the word.

Bon saunters by me as he disembarks. He turns and says his goodbyes, winking…why wink? He is one sexy ass Brit and will be sorely missed. I so enjoyed watching him fuck. So HOT!

Our driver takes a step in my direction. He really is a good looking man. In his mid to late 30’s, he has coal black wavy hair, styled neatly. He has bright, beautiful green eyes, thick, long eyelashes. His smile is perfect. With a thick French accent and speaking almost perfect English, our driver introduces himself, “Welcome to Paris. My name is Balthazar. I will be your driver for the duration of your trip. Please, follow me.” He leads my Daddy and I to our car.

We exit the airport, stepping into a perfect, 70-degree, summer’s day in Paris. The sun is shining bright, not a cloud in the sky. I close my eyes. I breathe the fresh air in deep. The vibrant sun warms my face. Beautiful.

I open my eyes to Balthazar standing next to an open backdoor of a dark blue, metallic flake, relatively new, Cadillac-El Dorado… windows tinted the darkest of black, for discretion, for privacy, for fucking while sitting in traffic as our driver intently watches…OH HELL YEAH! SO FUCKING HOT!!

Stopping me, my Daddy says, “Hold on, babygirl.” He pulls out a black lace blindfold from his pants pocket. “I want you to wear this blindfold.” He says to me as he places it over my eyes, securing it tightly behind my head. “Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the ride, babygirl. I have so many surprises in store for you.” I lean in close to my Daddy. I press my body against his. My Daddy holds me, his arms wrapped around me.


Blindfolded, my senses heighten. I can’t help but notice that my Daddy smells so fucking good. That’s when I feel his warm breath on my skin as begins to softly whisper in my ear, “I own that pussy, babygirl. I own that ass. Your body is my body. When I want you, I will take you. A good babygirl gets rewarded. A bad babygirl gets disciplined. Be a good babygirl, lift your dress and spread your legs wide. Let me see that pretty little pussy.” So very turned on by the whole situation, I instantly, without hesitation, raise my skirt and spread my legs wide for my Daddy. NEVER wearing panties, my bald, wet cunt is exposed.


I feel his fingertips, from both of his hands, begin to caress my skin. Starting at the back of my calves, he slowly, methodically, caresses his way to my upper thighs, to my inner thighs. He’s careful not to touch my clit as he caresses the smooth, cleanly shaved outer lips of my pussy. So hot, Daddy. My pussy is so hot. Yeah, Daddy…like that…tease my cunt. So careful…he caresses.

Again, I feel his warm breath on my skin as he again whispers softly in my ear, my Daddy says to me, “Put your hands behind your back, babygirl and keep them there and don’t move.” Immediately, I obey.

With one hand, he caresses my inner thighs, then my outer pussy lips, back to my inner thighs. With his other hand, he reaches into the top of my dress, exposing my breasts. My Daddy gently caresses my large, creamy white breasts, careful not to touch my rock-hard nipples, amazingly making my nipples that much harder. At the same time, with his other hand, he spreads my pussy. He slips his middle finger into my dripping wetness. My Daddy flicks my clit ever so lightly with his middle finger, teasing me. I moan softly enjoying the contact of his finger with my cunt. Oh yeah, Daddy…like that…YEAH!! Rub my clit!! My pussy is getting so fucking hot, Daddy. SO FUCKING HOT!!


Glancing in the rearview mirror, Balthazar watches my Daddy tease my wet cunt with one hand, pulling on my fully erect nipples with the other hand as his fingers glide gently over my skin travelling from breast to breast. FUCK YEAH, Daddy! Pull on my nipples! My cunt is so fucking hot, Daddy. I’m so fucking wet. I want to feel your cock deep inside me, Daddy. I must feel your cock deep inside me! Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, Daddy. Fuck me while Balthazar watches, Daddy. I want him to see your huge black cock slide in and out of my dripping wet cunt. Oh yes, Daddy…like that…tease my fucking cunt. SO FUCKING HOT, DADDY!! SO HOT!

As quickly as it started, it ended. My Daddy lowered my dress back into place, gently slipping each breast back under the top of my dress. He removed my blindfold and said to me, “We have arrived babygirl. Hotel Splendide Royal.” For several moments, I sat in silent awe, unable to speak… so magnificent, so grand, breathtaking, BEAUTIFUL!

Balthazar is standing by the backdoor he just opened. My Daddy steps out, he reaches for my hand (always the gentleman) and helps me out of the car. I turn, my hand on my Daddy’s chest, I look him deep in his eyes, tears of joy trickle each cheek, and I say, “My gosh, Daddy… I love you so very much… Thank you, my Daddy…. Thank you  for all you have done and are about to do.” My Daddy bends down, still looking into my eyes, holding my face in both hands, and says to me, “You’re welcome, babygirl…and you know that I will always love you more.” In that moment, our lips met in a tender, gentle kiss. My breath of fresh air.

Like I said, my Daddy sure knows how to treat a lady…hotel room…no, not a hotel room, not my Daddy… more like “suite”. My Daddy booked us the Suites Elysees…. A WHOLE FREAKIN’ SUITE!!! Before I could take a step, my Daddy scooped me up into his arms and carried me across the threshold of our suite, straight out of a romance novel. My Daddy, forever the gentleman. He places me softly on my feet right inside the door of our suite. I look around, walking slowly from room to room. I soak in every detail. First room, a beautifully decorated (mirror behind the bed) more than spacious bedroom that is equipped with a large dressing room. The bedroom is extended by an equally spacious and beautifully decorated living room that includes a wet bar, microwave, a desk, a flat screen, a couch and a coffee table that has a bottle of wine chilling atop it. A sumptuous bathroom exquisitely done in beautiful, light colored marble, includes a double sink, a bathtub big enough for four, and a separate shower. The whole suite is decorated in white/earth tones, giving the entire suite a light and airy feel to it. The large windows in the bedroom/living room generously welcome the light of day and open to a balcony overlooking the la Rue du Cirque, a most picturesque and historic way of the 8th arrondissement of Paris-a tourist mecca. I am, again, in silent awe. You amaze me, Daddy…you simply amaze me.

“Hello, love!”, I hear a familiar voice say coming from the open door of our suite. I spin to find Bon standing there with a mischievous little smile spreading across his face and he’s not alone. With him is Roxanne (the stewardess), her arm draped loosely across his shoulders.

My Daddy, standing behind me, bends and whispers in my ear, “Another surprise, babygirl. Now, take off those heels and remove that dress. It’s time to get…comfortable.” Obeying my Daddy, I slip my heels off. I unbutton the top part of my dress, it falls open, exposing both breasts. I untie the back of my dress and it hits the floor, exposing my now fully naked body. Roxanne turns to Bon and says, “She has beautiful breasts. I want to suck on her large nipples.” Roxanne walks over, cupping one of my breasts in both of her petite hands she licks my semi-erect nipple, then gently sucks, then sucks harder. She does the same with my other breast…both nipples now fully erect. My Daddy, behind me, spreads my ass wide. He starts licking/tonguing my ass. Oh yeah, Daddy…feels fucking good! Closing the door behind him, Bon begins undressing Roxanne. Naked from the waste down, Bon starts licking Roxanne from behind. He spreads her ass cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole and her gaping wet hole. He plunges three fingers into her cunt and starts tonguing her asshole. Roxanne moans softly, her breath catching…she tells Bon, “Feels good…finger my pussy…finger my ass.” Bon’s fingers move from cunt to asshole…. he starts with just one finger…slowly his finger moves in and out of her ass…she moans with pleasure, sucking my tit even harder. My Daddy rubs my dripping wet pussy, flicking my clit every so often, teasing my cunt. My Daddy uses both hands to finger my asshole, with both index fingers he spreads my asshole wide… Oh yeah, Daddy…I like that… spread my asshole wide, Daddy. He fingers my ass with four fingers, spreading me with his both index and middle fingers from both hands. My Daddy spreads me wide…YES, Daddy…like that.

Pulling me away from Roxanne, my Daddy tells me to lay on my back on the bed and raise my legs with my knees touching my shoulders, spreading my pussy wide. He motions for Roxanne climb onto the bed. He tells her to tease my cunt. Roxanne starts licking my pussy, flicking my clit gently with tongue, sucking it softly, flicking it gently, sucking it softly…her tongue dives deep in my hole, she laps up my juices. A moan escapes my lips…oh yeah, Daddy…she’s licking my cunt good…feels so good. Do you like watching her Daddy? Do you like watching her lick my juicy wet cunt?


Roxanne is on her knees with her face in my pussy. Her cunt and ass exposed and ready to be teased. Bon gets behind Roxanne, he starts licking her cunt, sucking her clit, flicking it with his tongue, licking her from clit to asshole, from asshole to clit and back again. She moans through a mouthful of pussy. I raise my legs higher, my asshole exposed even more. Roxanne takes the hint and starts fingering my ass as she licks my cunt. Bon, now completely naked and kneeling behind Roxanne slips his rock-hard cock deep in her dripping wet cunt. My Daddy watches, he’s stroking his huge cock. I hold his stare. He watches Roxanne furiously eat my pussy as Bon fucks her hard from behind. He holds my stare. Do you like what you see, Daddy? Do you like watching her eat my delicious little cunt? Do you like watching me writhe in pleasure from the flick of her tongue? Oh yeah, Daddy…feels so fucking good!! FUCK YEAH!!

My Daddy tells Roxanne to stop. He tells me to get up. My Daddy, now nude, lays on his back, his huge cock stands fully erect. He tells me, “Climb on top, babygirl. Reverse cowgirl. Spread your legs wide and slide my cock in your ass.” Slowly I begin to grind on my Daddy’s monstrous cock, in and out of my ass his cock slides. Roxanne watches as my Daddy tells Bon to slide his cock deep in my hot, dripping wet pussy. FINALLY!! Bon is going to fuck me…and HELL YEAH…DOUBLE PENETRATION PARADISE!! Roxanne rubs my clit as both cocks begin to fuck me hard. YES, Daddy…. YES…FUCK ME HARD…OH HELL YES…Do you like it, Daddy? Do you like the feel of his cock deep in my cunt ramming your cock as it slides in and out of my asshole? Roxanne rubs my clit faster as my Daddy fucks my ass harder…Bon ups his pace, thrusting his huge cock, faster and faster, in and out of my dripping wet pussy…Roxanne sucks on one of my nipples, still rubbing my clit hard and fast. Oh yeah…Daddy…. I’m going to cum…Oh fuck yeah, Daddy… both cocks feel so fucking good!! Daddy do you like how much I enjoy double penetration? Do you like feeling me cum with two cocks fucking me hard? Oh yes, Daddy…I’m going to cum…FUCK YEAH, DADDY…I’M CUMMING… OH HELL YEAH, DADDY…. YES… YES… OH FUCKING YES!! My pussy convulses, squeezing and releasing Bon’s cock in epic orgasm. Bon picks up his pace with renewed fury as I cum all over his cock… with one final thrust…Bon cums hard…his juice mingling with my own, drips down my cunt, then down the crack of my ass. Now my Daddy picks up his pace…he fucks my ass hard and fast, harder and faster, and even harder and faster. I scream in pleasure as my Daddy thrusts his huge cock deep in my ass. In and out, in and out, faster, harder. With one last, extremely hard final thrust, my Daddy cums…and my Daddy cums hard. At the end, he slowly removes his cock from my ass. Roxanne watches as cum oozes from my cunt and ass. She wants so badly to lick my pussy clean but waits for my Daddy to tell her to do so. Good girl, Roxanne…good girl!!

My Daddy holding my eye contact as I hold his, finally tells Roxanne to clean my cunt with her tongue. My Daddy watches intently as Roxanne licks every bit of cum from my cunt and ass. She licks me clean. I love watching my Daddy watch me…SUCH A FUCKING TURN ON!learn-how-to-lick-pussy

Roxanne finishes licking my pussy and ass clean. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand as she sits up. She is still between my legs as she leans in and kisses me lightly, her tongue parting my lips. Our tongues begin the playful, erotic dance as we kiss each other. I can taste us all in her sexy mouth. Her kiss tastes so fucking good, Daddy. Thinking about cleaning every inch of her body during a sensual bubble bath, I abruptly end our kiss. Jumping off the bed, I grab Roxanne’s hand. Together, we both now stand naked in front front of my Daddy, Bon and Balthazar…wait Balthazar? When did he…Oh my, my…my eyes lock onto his rock-hard cock, made plainly visible by his snug, tailored to fit dress slacks. I look quickly into Balthazar’s eyes, I wink at him. With a crooked little grin spreading across my face, I turn from Balthazar’s cock and face my Daddy. I ask him with eager anticipation, “Daddy, I want to clean every inch Roxanne’s sexy, curvy, beautiful body as she cleans every inch of mine. May we take a bubble bath together, Daddy?” My Daddy quickly nods his head yes with approval. Roxanne’s hand still in mine, I lead her to the bathroom. Suddenly, I hear a tap on the door of our suite. Another surprise walks in…it’s Alex, the other stewardess…my Daddy sees the excitement in my eyes as he, Bon, and Balthazar lead Alex to the bathroom. Each of them begin to strip her. My Daddy removes her pants. Bon removes her shirt, and Balthazar removes her underwear. My Daddy leads a now fully naked Alex to the bathtub, slipping her in between Roxanne and I. So…now begins round two of our first official sexcapade in Paris. Alex and Roxanne kiss as I caress Alex’s breasts. At the same time, I glance over to see Bon and Balthazar, both watching us girls intently as we kiss, tease, caress, finger, suck, lick, fuck each other. Averting my gaze, I find my Daddy. My eyes rest on his as our gazes lock. Without saying a word, I tell my Daddy I have fallen so deeply in love with him, and, without saying a word, my Daddy tells me he has fallen even deeper in love with me and that he will always love me more.